Grade 11

Down the Home Stretch!

Junior Program -- BIG YEAR -- BIG CHANGES!

Class of 2025 - Welcome to the Junior Program of Crosby Scholars!  We are making some changes with how we manage the program this year.  The Junior Program is now going to be managed by Jenniffer Jamison, Jr/Sr Program Manager & Mariah Roseboro, Near Peer Advisor. 

By the end of August you will receive a newsletter and information about what your junior year requirements are an how you can fulfill them.  We have opened the Senior Academies so you can benefit from this valuable information early.  Visit your student portal and sign up for any of the Junior/Senior Academies. 

Topics that you might find interesting:

  • College List Creation
  • Scholarships
  • Financial Aid
  • Essay Writing
  • Test Prep
  • Resume Writing

Preparing for college heats up! There are things you need to do this year to prepare for applying to college.  

Expand your resources and establish your team. Attend college fairs, talk with college students, and ask questions.

Involve your family as your support system, and visit your high school counselor often. It’s not too early to start looking for scholarships.

  • Scholars who completed the Program in 10th grade are automatically enrolled in the program for their junior year.
  • There is not an application for the junior year.
  • Students must enroll in the Program by the beginning of their sophomore year of high school. (Exceptions may be made for newly enrolled students in Iredell-Statesville/Mooresville Graded School System. Contact the Crosby Scholars Executive Director by October 1 of the junior year for more information.)

Click here if you are a Student Athlete
Research the NCAA requirements for students wishing to play DI or DII collegiate sports.


Junior Newsletter Links

September Newsletter

October Newsletter

November Newsletter

January 2022 Newsletter

April Newsletter

  • Academy

    The Crosby Scholars Academy offers students academic and personal development workshops on a variety of skill enhancement topics that support student achievement and college planning.

    Juniors are required to attend one Crosby Scholars Academy offered in the summer, fall or early winter. Scholars must register to attend an academy session through their Crosby Scholars Student Portal. Virtual options are being offered during Covid-19 pandemicYou can attend more than one session and any extra sessions will be applied to your senior year requirements.  

    Students can select from a number of sessions that include:

    • Career Choice and Personality
    • College Admissions
    • Growth Mindset
    • ACT/SAT Prep
    • Financial Basics
    • Engineering 
    • How to Get Your First Job
    • Career Exploration
    • College List Creation
    • Resume Writing
    • Scholarships

    Parents please note by allowing your student(s) to attend the Crosby Scholars Academy, you are agreeing to the terms of the partnership agreement located in your student's portal. This agreement will remain in effect for the duration of your student’s participation in the program.

  • Community Service

    Crosby Scholars are required to complete two hours of community service every school year, although five are recommended.  Click here to access the form and learn how to turn it in.

    NEW: Juniors who complete 5 community service hours will get credit for community service in the junior AND senior year. So get your hours done early and take one thing off of your plate for senior year!

    *Head to the community service page in the link above to read how COVID-19 has affected this requirement.

    Scholars must submit their form documenting their hours that includes a signature of the person in charge of the service activity by the deadline noted above.

  • College Fair/Visit

    College Exploration

    College Fair/College Visit Requirement: 


    *COVID-19 Update*- If you go on a virtual college tour, this counts as one of your signatures. Please keep record of an email confirmation or screenshot of you taking the online tour to turn in with the rest of the form.

    To fulfill the college fair/college visit requirement, Crosby Scholars must speak with four college admission reps about their respective schools.

    Students typically fulfill this requirement by attending one college fair. That way, they can speak to numerous college representatives in one evening and receive all the signatures necessary for the form.  Students in grades 10-12 can also meet this requirement by going on four college tours.

    Details are posted below and are outlined in the Crosby Scholars Student Portal. Students are encouraged to complete this requirement by the end of the junior year.

    Click here for the College Fair-Visit form.

  • Think Like a Senior Meeting

    This meeting is held in the Spring semester of your junior year. There will be numerous meetings held, you just need to sign up for one. Scholar's TLS Confirmation of Attendance- must be completed at the end of the meeting in order to receive credit for attending - form is only available at the end of each meeting and should be completed before leaving.

    Crosby Scholars Class of 2023, you're almost at the finish line! This is your final Junior Program requirement before you transition to the Senior Program.

    During this meeting, you will learn about the Crosby Scholars Senior Program requirements, and how Crosby Scholars works with you throughout the college admissions process, financial aid process, and finally, through making your BIG enrollment decision! We will also discuss the Crosby Scholars Senior Advisor Program in detail, so you can make an educated decision when choosing your Senior Advisor.

    Juniors must attend ONE mandatory meeting. 

    Think Like a Senior Meetings for the Class of 2023 will take place in January of 2022.  We will try to offer several different virtual options.  This year meetings will be virtual.  Upon completion of the meeting, the class of 2023 students will receive a Senior T-Shirt and Crosby Senior Notebook.  Sign up on your student portal for a meeting.  T-shirts will be given out in March.

    Register in your student portal 

    This is a program requirement! Juniors who do not meet this requirement will be dismissed from the Program. You must log in to your Crosby Scholars Student Portal to register.

    Each high school junior must complete all Junior Program requirements to be eligible for the Senior Program. The Crosby Scholars Program does not accept new applications to join or rejoin the Program during the senior year.