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  • What is Crosby Scholars?

    Crosby Scholars is a college access program. We provide services to public middle and high school students and parents. These services include:

    • workshops
    • test prep for ACT/SAT
    • college visits
    • individual advising for seniors through the college application process
    • help with financial aid process
    • help with scholarship applications
    • Crosby scholarships for some students
    • need-based grants to Crosby graduates
  • Who can participate?

    Public middle and high school students in Iredell County may enroll.

    The Middle School Program is for students in grades 6 – 8*. Students may apply in 6th, 7th, or 8th grade.  

    The High School Program is for students in grades 9 – 10. Students need to apply no later than 10th grade to be admitted into the program. There is no 11th or 12th-grade application to the Program.

    The Junior/Senior Program is for students who entered the program no later than 10th grade.

    Students must complete the junior/senior program in order to apply for Last Dollar Grants or scholarships from the Crosby Scholars Program. 

  • When should I apply?

    Online enrollment is open between July and the end of the 1st semester each year. We encourage students to apply as early as possible in the school year to take advantage of the most options available throughout the year.

    We encourage students to apply in middle school to take advantage of all the program has to offer.

    10th grade is the last year students may apply to the program.

    Students who start in 6th grade and remain active all the way through the senior year may be eligible for special awards. Note: all deadlines must be met each year!

  • How much does it cost?

    The program is FREE!

    There is no fee to join or to participate!

  • What is my Crosby Scholars Student Portal?

    The Crosby Scholars student portal provides access to Crosby Scholars Program information, events, registration links, and requirement statuses.

    For new Crosby Scholars -

    First, you should receive a confirmation message at the student email address you provided on your application.

    Next, this e-mail will provide you with a temporary password.

    In addition, instructions to enter the portal are included in the message.

    For returning Crosby Scholars -

    First, your username and password remain the same from year to year.

    Second, if you become inactive because of not completing requirements, your portal won't work.

    Finally, contact us if you have trouble using the portal.

    All students need to sign in to their Crosby Scholars student portal to activate their account. Follow these instructions to sign in:

    First, use the "blue person icon" at the top of our home page next to the search icon. Click there to go to the sign-in page.

    Next, sign in with your email address and the temporary password that was sent to you.

    Then, once you’ve signed in for the first time, you’ll be asked to create a new permanent password. 

    Last, make sure to write down or save your permanent password somewhere safe. Crosby Scholars staff will not have access to it. (We are able to reset passwords.)

    It's important to sign in to the Crosby Scholars student portal regularly and keep your account and information up to date. Most colleges use online portals for student accounts that work like our portal. Therefore, we are preparing you for the college admission experience right from the start!

    PARENTS: Once your student activates his/her student portal - you will receive an email with a temporary password to activate your Crosby Scholars parent portal.  Then, from the parent portal, you will be able to view all of the information in your student's portal. Also, you can register your student for Crosby Scholar Academy, view his/her requirement status and more. 

    The parent portal is identical to the student portal. Exception: Scholarships must be applied for using the student portal. The parent portal does not work for scholarship applications!

    Please contact us if you are having difficulty activating your Crosby Scholars Student or Parent Portal. or 704-873-5005 ext. 1427

  • What is considered community service?

    Community service is volunteer work that benefits the community and its citizens. It can be done through church activities, scouts, school clubs or civic organizations. The service should be done at non-profit organizations or programs.

    Go to the community service tab on this website for community service ideas and a downloadable community service form.

    **Good Examples

    • Help a teacher at school
    • Tutor younger students
    • Read with buddies
    • Work at the Soup Kitchen
    • Share time with the elderly in nursing homes
    • Participate in walks to raise money or awareness for non-profit groups
    • Clean up at your school
    • Volunteer service through Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, youth groups, school groups, etc.
    • Organize a food or supply drive

    **Unacceptable Examples

    • Babysitting
    • Work for family members
    • Work at for-profit businesses even though you are not paid
    • Donations – donating clothes or canned food is not enough
    • Participating in church worship services  
  • Where will my Academy be held?

    There are several possible locations for middle school academies. The location for each specific session will be listed in the portal.

    Most in-person academies are held at one of the following locations:


    • Virtual Academies are held on Zoom or other on-line platforms.
  • How do I apply for a Last Dollar Grant?

    All students who successfully complete the Crosby Scholars Program in their senior year with a 2.0 or higher weighted GPA are eligible to apply for a Crosby Scholar Last Dollar Grant.

    Students should watch their e-mail for instructions on how to apply for these grants. Seniors should make sure that we have an e-mail that is not the high school e-mail address before graduation!

    These are need-based grants and not every student will qualify.

  • Why should I join Crosby Scholars in Middle School?

    Participation in the program throughout middle school increases learning opportunities. Crosby Scholars learn new habits that will give them an advantage over other college-bound students entering high school.

    Middle school is the perfect time to start exploring career possibilities. Crosby Scholars offers information to 6th - 8th graders to help them learn about career paths.

    Students will get an early start on community service. By trying out a variety of activities, they will have the chance to find out what they enjoy the most. They also will feel a sense of pride and accomplishment by helping fellow citizens!

  • What will happen if I do not fulfill a requirement?

    Before a student is dismissed, the student and parent will receive several communications from Crosby staff with reminders and opportunities to complete the requirement.

    Then, if a student does not meet a requirement, they will receive a dismissal notice. This means they may not participate in program activities for the remainder of the school year.

    After dismissal, students in grades 6-9 are encouraged to reapply to the program the following school year.

    Students in grades 10-12 must appeal in order to be re-instated in the program. Contact the office for more information about this process.