Time Until Community Service Deadline!


Thanks to everyone who has been sending in forms! Please contact a staff member if you have questions about how to do that! The easiest way for us to process the forms right now, is when you upload the document to your student portal. There are several spaces for community service forms if you look under the "Documents" tab in your portal! When you upload a form there, we receive an e-mail letting us know. Then we review the form and record your hours.

march 30, 2020
10000 hours


Click here for the form.

Click here for a fillable Word Community Service Form

2019-20  Deadlines:

Grades 11 - 12:  January 31, 2020
Grades 6 - 10:  March 31, 2020

Crosby Scholars are required to complete 2 hours of community service.  (5 hours are recommended for 9th-12th graders.)

How to complete this requirement:

First, take your form with you when you complete the hours of service.

Second, have your form signed by the supervisor (not your parent!)   Click here for a form:

Third, submit your form to Crosby Scholars by the deadline. (See below for directions.)

Here are ways to turn in your form: (in order of preference)

  1. upload the form to the My Documents page in your Student/Parent portal
  2. snap a photo of the form and email it to info@crosbyscholarsiredell.org
  3. fax it to 704.873.4891
  4. send via US mail
  5. drop it off at the Crosby Scholars office
  6. turn it into your school counseling office
  7. text it to the office cell at 704.519.7155

Students enrolled in the program may start hours for the next school year as soon as the current due date has passed. For example, current juniors may start hours for their senior year on Feb. 1, 2020. Current 6th-10th graders may start hours for next year on April 1, 2020.

Community service should be done with a non-profit agency. Or, it can be an activity that benefits a non-profit agency.

Examples of volunteer work that counts:

  • Community service done with:
    • scout groups
    • Beta Club
    • National Honor Society
    • JROTC
    • church groups (not regular worship activities)
    • Young Achievers
    • other clubs
    • Crosby Scholars
  • Planning and organizing events to benefit a charity or non-profit

If you have questions about whether your community service idea meets the requirement for the Program, please contact Crosby Scholars at 704.873.5005. Crosby Scholars staff reserves the right to determine if a community service activity fulfills our requirement.

Missing Deadlines

Missing these deadlines may result in the loss of program benefits. For example, seniors may not be eligible for certain scholarships. Students might not be recognized (with certificates, for example) at school programs. Finally, late forms may cause the student to not be continually enrolled in the program.

Community Service Opportunities

The following service opportunities are submitted by local agencies and organizations. They are options -- not the only community service activities available to Crosby Scholars.