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Financial Aid Education

Coming Soon - Information about how to fund your education and how financial aid works.


Information about how to find scholarships, Crosby Scholars Scholarships and How to apply.

Last Dollar Grants

Coming Soon - Need Based Last Dollar Grants available with Crosby Scholars


Residency Determination

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Crosby Scholars Staff


Dominic Jones

Dominic is the Financial Aid Coordinator for Crosby Scholars in Iredell & Rowan County.  Dominic is available to answer your questions.  He manages our Scholarship & Last Dollar Grant Program and is available to lead classes, discussion & webinars on financial aid topics.

Jenniffer Jamison_3302 head shot (1)

Jenniffer Jamison

Jenniffer is the Jr/Sr Program Manager.  Jenniffer is available to answer financial aid questions, lead webinars and help students and parents plan for paying for college.

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