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3 Tips for Truth in Communication *

By jchristian | Sep 23, 2021

There is SO MUCH INFORMATION coming at us these days.  It is hard to know what is accurate, what is “sort of” close to the truth, and what is just plain wrong. Whether you are passing along the information to friends or co-workers; your reputation as a trusted source of information or a rumor spreader… Read more »

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Are There Benefits to Applying Early?

By nbaldwin | Jul 1, 2021

In short, yes. Applying early to any school can serve as an important step on the road to college acceptance. Though not for every student, this choice should definitely be considered. Here’s why. If you’re eager to hear back from a school on your list, then an early application will be your best bet. Unlike… Read more »

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Still loving my college choice, all these years later!

By swegmiller | Apr 1, 2021

My process of choosing a college was pretty simple compared to what many students endure today. Here it is in a nutshell: Choose a state school (we didn’t think a private school was affordable, even with my good test scores and grades). Select a school not too far from home (within 2 hours was ideal).… Read more »

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Finding the Right College Fit

By kmontgomery | Mar 5, 2021

Did you know that one in three students end up transferring after their first year in college? Do you know why that is? Students often focus on which institution is the right match, but don’t carefully evaluate if the institution is the right fit. Let’s break down the difference between “match” vs. “fit.” When researching… Read more »

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Public vs. Private College: What’s Right for You?

By nbaldwin | Feb 4, 2021

So, you’re interested in applying for college but need a little guidance when it comes to comparing and contrasting public and private institutions. Both college types have their perks and drawbacks, but it ultimately boils down to who you are as a student and what you plan to get out of higher education learning in… Read more »

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Did you get the answer you wanted?

By jjamison | Jan 7, 2021

The next step in the college application process is to receive an answer from the admissions department. There are a number of responses you can receive…Accepted, Deferred, Wait-listed, or Declined.  At this time, you might not even have any of these responses and you are in a waiting pattern. The Global Pandemic has modified the… Read more »

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How to Choose a Major

By nbaldwin | Dec 29, 2020

Many of us struggle to settle on dinner plans, so when it comes down to picking a college major — a decision that has shaped the courses and career paths of numerous lives — it is no wonder that some are left feeling stumped. So, if you don’t know where to start on the road… Read more »

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The Gift of Boundaries

By aturnermoore | Dec 17, 2020

The Holidays are here! This is a fun time for most people. What better way to keep the fun for everyone, than discussing boundaries? What are boundaries? Think about a fence that surrounds a house. What does the fence represent? The area that belongs to the home owner. The owner will keep their important items… Read more »

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Waiting on Decisions – What should I do?

By jjamison | Dec 10, 2020

So you have finished your applications and are now waiting to hear from the schools about a decision. Each day you check your email, run to the mailbox, or log in to the school’s website to check your status. It does not help when friends and family going through this process might have already heard… Read more »

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