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Have a Little FUN!

By jjamison | May 7, 2020

GO HAVE FUN!  In the middle of a pandemic, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? By Jenniffer Jamison Nope, I am totally serious.  The stress of homeschooling, technology learning curve, lack of social contact with friends and family is the perfect reason to add a little fun to your current situation.  First – Fun is relative.  You… Read more »

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Advocate for Yourself Successfully

By swegmiller | Apr 30, 2020

We tell students to learn to advocate for themselves. But what does that mean? I looked in my thesaurus (I still own an actual paper copy!) to see what words are similar to advocate. Many were listed, here are a few of my favorites. Champion. Speak well of. Stand behind. Support. Speak for. These words… Read more »

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What’s Your Learning Style?

By kmontgomery | Apr 23, 2020

Are you frustrated with your academic record so far? Do you wish to make better grades in the future? Maybe you are satisfied with your grades, but you would like to raise the bar a little higher and instead of making straight B’s, start throwing some A’s in the mix. If you have not discovered… Read more »

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By jjamison | Apr 16, 2020

By Jenniffer Jamison For the last 13 years you have been working towards one goal, completing your high school education.  Some of you started thinking about graduation even in Pre-school.  If you are a senior right now you might be able to look back in your photo album and find a picture of you in… Read more »

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Stress & Mental Health

By aturnermoore | Apr 9, 2020

Given the circumstances, we all have a reason to feel stressed. Our lives have changed so much in the past few weeks. The changes have been the same for some of us and different for others, nonetheless, you still have a reason to feel stressed. Tip 1 My first tip is to acknowledge that fact.… Read more »

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Nirvana or Nightmare? Online Life

By swegmiller | Apr 2, 2020

The Crosby staff chose this “online” topic back in December. We had no idea that in a few weeks everyone would be using online courses. The original idea was to explore whether online learning would be a good option for you or your student. That ship has sailed, so now I want to talk about… Read more »

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Snap Out Of It

By jjamison | Mar 27, 2020

The Crosby Blog has to be written and there is a pandemic, what’s the point?  I will tell you I have started this blog no less than 5 times.  First, I was going to connect a song and its message to a powerful inspirational message.  Clearly that did not happen.  Next, I came up with… Read more »

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Does the Degree Matter?

By kmontgomery | Mar 20, 2020

Is pursuing a degree really worth all the money and effort? Many have started to question the value of pursuing a degree after high school due to rising cost of college tuition, the issue of underemployment post college graduation, and the fact that only 27% of people in the U.S. are working in a job… Read more »

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Résumé -Word Choice Matters!

By aturnermoore | Mar 12, 2020

Many of us think about résumé’s when it’s time to apply for a job or a scholarship. There is so much information that goes into résumés and there is also a great deal of information that shouldn’t be in a résumé. Keep reading to see my personal tips about résumés. What is a résumé? Great… Read more »

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