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Public vs. Private College: What’s Right for You?

By nbaldwin | Feb 4, 2021

So, you’re interested in applying for college but need a little guidance when it comes to comparing and contrasting public and private institutions. Both college types have their perks and drawbacks, but it ultimately boils down to who you are as a student and what you plan to get out of higher education learning in… Read more »

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Did you get the answer you wanted?

By jjamison | Jan 7, 2021

The next step in the college application process is to receive an answer from the admissions department. There are a number of responses you can receive…Accepted, Deferred, Wait-listed, or Declined.  At this time, you might not even have any of these responses and you are in a waiting pattern. The Global Pandemic has modified the… Read more »

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How to Choose a Major

By nbaldwin | Dec 29, 2020

Many of us struggle to settle on dinner plans, so when it comes down to picking a college major — a decision that has shaped the courses and career paths of numerous lives — it is no wonder that some are left feeling stumped. So, if you don’t know where to start on the road… Read more »

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The Gift of Boundaries

By aturnermoore | Dec 17, 2020

The Holidays are here! This is a fun time for most people. What better way to keep the fun for everyone, than discussing boundaries? What are boundaries? Think about a fence that surrounds a house. What does the fence represent? The area that belongs to the home owner. The owner will keep their important items… Read more »

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Waiting on Decisions – What should I do?

By jjamison | Dec 10, 2020

So you have finished your applications and are now waiting to hear from the schools about a decision. Each day you check your email, run to the mailbox, or log in to the school’s website to check your status. It does not help when friends and family going through this process might have already heard… Read more »

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The Value of Crosby Scholars

By ascott | Dec 3, 2020

The value of Crosby Scholars goes beyond just offering assistance to students and parents for future success after High school. Crosby Scholars values the importance of building effective relationships with the parents of students in the program to ensure that their child is receiving the benefits necessary to thrive. Our values are accountability, respectfulness, service,… Read more »

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Which program should I choose?

By swegmiller | Nov 26, 2020

The applications for Early College are about to open. Scheduling high school classes for next year will start in just a few short weeks. Some students and families might be getting anxious about these choices. Crosby Scholars staff members often get asked, “What program should my student be in?” or “Should we go with AP… Read more »

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Building a Strong Financial Record

By kmontgomery | Nov 20, 2020

As a high school student, conversations around the topic of money are not usually had with friends or family. Why is this? One big reason for this is because our education system in America places little importance on financial literacy in the classroom. Currently, only twenty one states in America require a personal finance course.… Read more »

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Should Your Student Apply to Early College?

By aturnermoore | Nov 12, 2020

Here in Iredell County, we are lucky to have three early college programs that students can apply to. Early college is an option for students to apply to to earn their high school diploma and their associates degree in 5 years. This is an awesome opportunity for students! Students usually have the month of November… Read more »

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