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The Energy of In-Person Events

By swegmiller | Oct 7, 2022

We all love the convenience of virtual meetings and events. Since the pandemic, we have gotten used to how easy it is to attend almost anything from the comfort of… Read more »

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Flashy Brand Names Should NOT Influence Your College List

By jjamison | Sep 2, 2022

It is time for Back-to-School shopping.  Clothes, supplies, books, computers, and colleges/universities.  Yes, that is right, I said colleges and universities.  Seniors, at this moment are finalizing their college list… Read more »

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Is CTE Education for College-Bound Me?

By swegmiller | Jul 7, 2022

Many students and parents are confused about Career and Technical Education (CTE) and whether it’s a path they should choose. Below is an excerpt from the NC Department of Public… Read more »

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What to Expect as a Rising College Freshman

By nbaldwin | May 5, 2022

From walking across a graduation stage to stepping into the world of higher education, the life of a high school graduate can change drastically leading up to the highly-anticipated —… Read more »

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Comparing the Cost of College

By jjamison | Mar 3, 2022

During the admissions process, families are so focused on working to gain acceptance, that financial aid and cost is sometimes an afterthought.  Not for long.  The cost of college has… Read more »

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Careers in Heart Health

By aturnermoore | Feb 4, 2022

In the past couple of years, we have seen just how important our healthcare workers are. Since it is American Heart Month, we’d like to shed some light on the… Read more »

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What Do College Access/Attainment Programs Do?

By swegmiller | Jan 6, 2022

College access programs offer services that have typically only been available to students attending private schools or to students whose families could afford to hire a private college consultant. Crosby… Read more »

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4 Tips for Better Studying

By nbaldwin | Dec 2, 2021

A joy for some and an unbearable chore for others, studying is something many of us can’t avoid. However, no matter your approach to the task, there are so many… Read more »

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3 Tips for Truth in Communication *

By jchristian | Sep 23, 2021

There is SO MUCH INFORMATION coming at us these days.  It is hard to know what is accurate, what is “sort of” close to the truth, and what is just… Read more »

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