Program Overview

The Crosby Scholars Program is a unique college access program for middle and high school students enrolled in public schools in Iredell County.

The Program prepares students:

  • personally
  • academically
  • financially
  • for successful college enrollment
  • for a post-secondary plan that fits with their goals, interests, and ambitions

Each school year, participants attend one Crosby Academy. These are academic and personal enrichment workshops that include topics such as:

  • team building
  • study skills
  • time management
  • financial literacy
  • communication
  • decision making
  • career exploration
  • test prep
  • and many other topics that are age appropriate

Students also:

  • perform community service
  • agree to remain drug free
  • and to obey all school rules and regulations

Benefits available to students include:

  • advisory services
  • career and college exploration activities
  • college admission and financial aid workshops
  • Students completing the Program in grades 10, 11, and 12 are eligible to apply for "Last Dollar Grants" for college. We also provide other scholarships opportunities for students enrolled in the Program.

Program applications are available each year to students in grades 6-10. Students attending Iredell County public schools in middle school through tenth are accepted into the Program upon application. Our vision is college opportunities for every student.

  • Requirements
    Requirements of the Crosby Scholars program vary by grade level, however all include:
    • being enrolled in a public middle or high school in Iredell County
    • abiding by the terms of the Partnership Agreement by demonstrating good citizenship
    • attending one Crosby Scholar Academy each school year (two during the senior year)
    • completing and documenting a minimum of two hours of community service each school year by submitting a Crosby Scholars community service form by the yearly deadline - Click Here to view and print the form for the 2019-2020 school year.
    • following all school rules and refraining from being placed in out-of-school suspension
    • speaking with four college reps by attending a college fair (sophomores through seniors only) or by visiting four college campuses and submitting a college fair/college visit form
    • participating in other mandatory requirements as assigned by grade level especially during the senior year
    Participants of Crosby Scholars are given the responsibility to:
    • make education a priority in life by striving to maintain at least a 2.0 GPA (minimum) in order to complete High School and enroll in a post-secondary institution
    • contribute to a cooperative school environment by being courteous, considerate, and respectful toward teachers, school officials, adults and fellow classmates capitalize academic assistance provided by parents, school, community and the Program
    • develop leadership skills through active involvement in school and the community
    • strive for perfect attendance and avoid unexcused absences
    • not participate in any form of bullying - verbal, physical or cyber
    • obey the law and remain drug free, by agreeing to refuse to make, sell, use, distribute, or possess illegal drugs

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  • Benefits

    There are many reasons why students should be a Crosby Scholar:

    • The Program helps students understand and plan for the college admission, financial aid, and scholarship process.
    • Each year, students are introduced to workshops, topics, and discussions that help them to better understand and prepare for the college search and college admission process.
    • Crosby Scholars receive timelines and newsletters, attend Crosby Scholar Academies, and participate in community service.
    • During their senior year, Crosby Scholars also receive one-on-one assistance with the college admission and financial aid process.
    • The Program assists students in navigating the ever changing and challenging world of college admissions.
    • Each school has a counselor in the Student Services (Guidance) office who serves as the Crosby Scholar liaison for that particular school.

Why Be A Crosby Scholar?