Program Overview

The Crosby Scholars Program is a unique college access program for middle and high school students enrolled in public schools in Iredell County.

The Program prepares students:

  • personally
  • academically
  • financially
  • for successful college enrollment
  • for a post-secondary plan that fits with their goals, interests, and ambitions

Students also:

  1. volunteer in the community
  2. agree to remain drug-free
  3. obey school rules and regulations

Program applications are available each year to students in grades 6-10. 

Our vision: College opportunities for every student.

  • Requirements
    Requirements of the Crosby Scholars program vary by grade level, however all include:
    • being enrolled in a public middle or high school in Iredell County
    • demonstrating good citizenship
    • attending 1 Crosby Scholar Academy each school year 
    • 2 hours of community service each school year 
    • following school rules and not being placed in out-of-school suspension
    • college fair/visits (high school)
    • participating in other mandatory requirements as assigned by grade level especially during the senior year
    Participants of Crosby Scholars are given the responsibility to:
    • make education a priority in life by striving to maintain at least a 2.0 GPA
    • be courteous, considerate, and respectful toward teachers, school officials, adults and fellow classmates
    • use academic assistance provided by parents, school, community, and the Program
    • develop leadership skills through active involvement in school and the community
    • strive for perfect attendance and avoid unexcused absences
    • not participate in any form of bullying - verbal, physical, or cyber
    • obey the law and remain drug-free, by agreeing to refuse to make, sell, use, distribute, or possess illegal drugs

    Crosby Meeting Explanation Printable Chart

  • Benefits

    There are many benefits of being a Crosby Scholar

    • The Program helps students understand and plan for the college admission, financial aid, and scholarship process.
    • Each year, students are introduced to workshops, topics, and discussions that help them to better understand and prepare for the college search and college admission process.
    • Crosby Scholars receive timely information and participate in community service.
    • During their senior year, Crosby Scholars also receive 1:1 assistance with the college admission and financial aid process.
    • Senior Crosby Scholars may apply for scholarships and grants that are only available to program participants. Grants may be renewable throughout the college years.
    • The Program assists students and families with up-to-date information to navigate the ever-changing and challenging world of college admissions.
    • All services are free. 

Why Be A Crosby Scholar?