Student Testimonials

"My Crosby Scholars advisor helped me through every part of the college application process. I couldn't have accomplished everything I did without her."

"Crosby Scholars has given me guidance that I may not have had being a first generation college student. They also provided my mom with a lot of information regarding the college process that I know she found helpful, which eased her fears about college as well as mine."

"I feel very prepared for college. The advisors, meetings, and senior academies really try to steer you in the right direction so I can go to college this fall feeling confident and secure."

"Being able to have constant access to a counselor really helped me understand the application process and what to expect from college, all of which were extremely daunting things going into my senior year. For a person who stresses easily, I feel quite cool-headed when I think of attending college in that fall, which can all be thanks to the Senior Program."


College is a match to be made not a prize to be won.

The Crosby Scholars Program requires each high school scholar to have an advisor. For the first three years of high school, scholars have the opportunity to work with volunteer advisors, attend large group sessions, and work in small groups to learn more college preparation.

Then during the senior year, scholars meet with a Senior Advisor individually. The Senior Advisors can then address specific needs of students as they arise.
Following each meeting, the Senior Advisor submits online conference notes to the Crosby Scholars office. This process allows Crosby staff to monitor each scholar's progress. The Senior Advisor is thus the lead member of a team helping each scholar to navigate the college admission process.

All senior Advisors will  receive training about the different discussions that can be used while meeting with students. Senior Advisors will also have access to the Senior Advisor Handbook. which is broken down into three sections: Section A: Program and Role of the Senior Advisor, Section B: Financial Aid/Scholarships Section C: College Admission

If you are interested or have any questions about being a senior advisor please contact Jenniffer Jamison at 704.873.5005 ext 1407 or

Senior Advisors Aid the Student With:

  • Confirm target list of colleges
  • Discuss Early Action/Early Decision/Regular Decision application plans
  • Review SAT/ACT results and discuss additional testing
  • Review admission/scholarship essays
  • Navigate the financial aid process, including identifying scholarship opportunities monitor completion of Senior Program requirements
  • Meeting deadlines and communicating with colleges as necessary