Crosby Scholars Officers 

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Officers are the FACE of the Crosby Scholars Program at their schools. The officers and their titles are posted below. Please feel free to reach out to your school officers.

Description of Responsibilities

Lake Norman Students-Description of Responsibilities

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Available Leadership Positions:

Sophomore Vice President
Junior Vice President

Responsibilities include:
• Attend the Officer's Leadership Training/Academy- held in May of the spring semester
• Promote the goals and ideals of the Crosby Scholars Program
• Maintain contact with the High School Program Coordinator and the assigned school Liaison through email correspondence
• Work with other grade level Officers to create a community service opportunity on your HS campus for all the Crosby Scholars at your school
• Assist with activities on campus – open house, orientation, curriculum fairs, and other campus events throughout the school year
• Maintain a campus bulletin board with current Crosby Scholars information
• Coordinate group photo and pictures for the yearbook( if Crosby Scholars is an official club at your school)
• Report activities to school newspaper and or for daily announcements
• Attend Crosby Club meetings for your grade level
• Senior President reads a statement and introduces students at the Senior Gala