Crosby Club

** COVID-19 ANNOUNCEMENT** All Crosby Club meetings will be held on Zoom for the 2020-2021 school year. Recordings of these meetings will be available for students who miss the live sessions. Two live sessions will take place for each meeting. Scroll down to the bottom of this page for meeting handouts. The recordings will also be posted on this page once they are available.

Crosby Club meetings are held by grade level at each high school.  A staff member meets with students four times in the spring semester. At some schools, the meetings begin in the fall semester. Meetings are during SMART lunch or after school.  This is not  Program requirement, but our staff encourages all students to participate.

Staff share positive personal, social, and educational experiences with their scholars. They help Crosby Scholars achieve their goals by leading discussions on topics focused on the college admissions process. The topics build a foundation of knowledge that prepares the scholar for the Senior Program. Meetings typically include a short activity with time for questions and discussion.

Crosby Club meetings are group meetings and therefore are not rescheduled unless school is closed or after-school activities are canceled by the school.

  • Scholars should register through their Student Portal for the meetings
  • Meetings are held at school and last about 30 minutes
  • Attendance is taken at each meeting and is recorded in our office
  • Meeting dates are posted in the Student Portal, but may be rescheduled due to pep rally schedules, weather events, etc.
  • Attendance is not required, but strongly encouraged.

Meeting topics and handouts can also be found on the Student Portal. Emails will be sent out to all students and parents with meeting information.


Meeting 1 Handout, Grade 9:Crosby Club Meeting 1 Handout

Meeting 1 Handout, Grade 10: N/A

Meeting 1 Handout, Grade 11: Crosby Club Meeting 1 Handout