Should Your Student Apply to Early College?

Here in Iredell County, we are lucky to have three early college programs that students can apply to. Early college is an option for students to apply to to earn their high school diploma and their associates degree in 5 years. This is an awesome opportunity for students! Students usually have the month of November to apply and make sure they have all of their requirements in. If you and your student(s) are considering applying here are some points I think you should consider.

Course Load

We talk to many of the teachers and staff of the early college programs and one of the main points they make is that students do not take the course work as seriously as they should. The amount of work is more than those of their high school counterparts. Remember, you are also obtaining a college degree. You will be required to do more work. Maturity and time management will be key in being successful.


Many students like to apply with friends. Understand that everyone may not be accepted, friends may be accepted into different schools, and some friends may not want to apply to early college. ASEC is on the campus of North Iredell High School and Crossroads is on the campus of Statesville High School. There is a good chance you may see your friends but not have classes with them. While all these situations are unfortunate, it is important that you keep striving to achieve your goals.

Associates Degree

Yes, you will receive an associates degree at the end of the 5 years. This is an amazing accomplishment! If you plan to go on to get a 4 year degree, understand that private schools like Duke will still accept you as a freshman and not a junior. Due to them being a private school they can make that decision. So if Duke or another private school is your ultimate goal, just make sure you are aware that you will take some of your courses over. Make sure you do your research about what your future school will accept

It is also important to know that if you do not get in as a freshman, you are not doomed! You can apply again the next year. They will have fewer seats available, but you can still apply. It’s definitely worth it! We as Crosby Staff have seen student apply after freshman year and still be accepted.

If you have any questions about the application process please reach out to any of our staff as well as the staff of the early college programs. Good Luck!