Why Crosby Scholars?

It is our belief that every student who has the desire to go to college should have the opportunity to attend. We want to help students and parents navigate the ever changing world of college admissions and financial aid so that the doors of opportunity remain open to all students.

The Crosby Scholars Program is a college access program. It is designed to help students prepare personally, academically and financially for college enrollment. The program offers a host of workshops, timelines, guidance and assistance to help students and their families plan for two-year and/or four-year college enrollment. The Program gives information on college admission requirements and financial aid in a timely manner to help students become a well-prepared college applicant and find the institution and program that fits them best.

Why join in middle school?

Participation in the program throughout middle school increases learning opportunities and encourages habits that provide Crosby Scholars and parents with needed information to prepare for high school. Crosby Scholars helps middle school students explore possibilities for their future and is an activity they can continue through high school graduation. 

What are the advantages to being a high school Crosby Scholar?

There are many reasons why students should be a Crosby Scholar. The Program helps students understand and plan for the college admission, financial aid, and scholarship process. Each year, students are introduced to workshops, topics, and discussions that help them to better understand and prepare for the college search and college admission process. Crosby Scholars receive timelines and newsletters, attend Crosby Scholar Academies, and participate in community service. During their senior year, Crosby Scholars also receive one-on-one assistance with the college admission and financial aid process. The Program assists students and parents to successfully complete the ever changing and challenging college admissions experience. 

Crosby Scholars works in tandem with each high school to enhance the college preparation services provided by the guidance department.  Each school has a counselor in the Student Services (Guidance) office who serves as the Crosby Scholar liaison for that particular school.


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