Realizing that college preparation must begin early, program staff assigns all high school scholars in grades 9 through 11 to a volunteer Crosby Scholars Grade Advisor.

Led by a Grade Advisor, Grade 9 and 11 scholars meet in groups monthly during the second semester.  Each Grade Advisor hosts four meetings.  Grade Advisors share positive personal, social, and educational experiences with their scholars. They help Crosby Scholars achieve their post-secondary goals by leading discussions on grade appropriate topics focused on preparing for the college admissions process. The topics of discussion build a foundation of knowledge that prepares the scholar for his or her senior year.  Grade Advisor meetings are held during or after school on the high schools’ campuses.  Handouts are distributed at many of the meetings.

Handouts are posted on this page at the end of each month during the spring semester. 

  • The Grade Advisor Program was established to offer each underclassman Crosby Scholar the opportunity to meet with a volunteer advisor during the spring semester of each school year.
  • Grade Advisor assignments are based on the scholar's grade and high school. Each scholar is notified by email when his/her Grade Advisor assignment has been confirmed.
  • Grade Advisor meetings are group meetings and therefore are not rescheduled unless school is closed or after school activities are cancelled by the school.
  • Topics discussed at Grade Advisor meetings prepare scholars for the college admissions process.
  • Meetings begin in the spring semester and are held monthly. The Grade Advisor Program ends with an End-of-Year reception. Scholars are required to register through their student portal to attend meetings #1 (food is provided!) and #4 (End-of-Year recepton) only.  Online registration is not required to attend meetings #2 and #3.
  • Meetings are usually held after school, at school, and last approximately 30 to 40 minutes.  Some schools may have a time during the school day when meetings can be held.  Watch your e-mail and check your portal for specifics.
  • Attendance is taken at each meeting and is recorded in our office.
  • To be excused from a meeting, a scholar is to stop by the meeting to pick up the handouts and to notify the advisor that he/she cannot attend the meeting.  The handouts are posted on our website at the end of each month for those scholars who were unable to stop by the meeting to receive the handout.
  • Meeting dates are posted and announced at the high schools in addition to being posted in the student portals.
  • Scholars can check the Crosby board at their high school and listen to or read the announcements for meeting information.  Meeting reminders will also be posted on our Twitter account. 

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