Below you will find some of the most commonly asked questions about the Crosby Scholars Program and its requirements. Should you have a question that is not listed here, we welcome you to contact us with your question(s).

Who can participate?

Any middle school through 10th grade student that submits an application by the deadline and is enrolled in a public school in Iredell County will be accepted into the Program.

The Middle School Program is for students in grades 6 – 8. Students may apply in 6th*, 7th or 8th grade. If they do not meet requirements one year in middle school, they can reapply in any middle grade. (*Since 6th graders in MGSD are not considered middle schoolers, they are not eligible to enroll.)

The High School Program is for students in grades 9 – 11.  Then 12th-grade students are eligible to participate in the Senior Program.  In order to participate in the Senior Program as a 12th grader, you must have been enrolled in the Program at the end of 10th grade and have met all Program requirements to continue to the junior and senior levels.



What is Crosby Scholars?

The Crosby Scholars Program is a free college access program. It is designed to help students prepare personally, academically and financially for college enrollment.


Why can't 11th and 12th grade students apply?

The Crosby Scholars program is designed for a commitment of at least 3 years.  In order to benefit from the program, and and reap all of the benefits, this amount of time is needed.  We encourage students to join the program as early as middle school, but the last opportunity to join is during the first semester of the sophomore year.  As long as all Program requirements are met each year, Sophomore Crosby Scholars can continue the Program through high school graduation.

Students enrolled in "Super Senior" programs may enroll as rising juniors, since they will still have three academic years remaining for their high school completion. When enrolling on the website, please select grade 10 as the grade level.  Crosby Scholars will assist those students who are graduating with a two-year degree as well as their diploma.  We can provide help to identify transfer programs, help to understand how the credits will be used at the receiving institution,  and assist with the financial aid process as well.


What is considered community service?

Community service is volunteer work that benefits the community and its citizens. It can be fulfilled through church activities, scouts, school clubs, non-profit agencies or civic organizations. 

Go to the community service tab on this website for community service ideas and a downloadable community service form.

**Good Examples

  • Helping a teacher at school
  • Tutoring younger students
  • Reading buddies
  • Work at the Soup Kitchen
  • Work with the elderly in nursing homes
  • Participation in Walks to raise money or awareness for illnesses or medical conditions
  • Campus clean up at your school
  • Volunteer service through Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, youth groups, school groups, etc.

**Unacceptable Examples

  • Babysitting
  • Work for family members
  • Work at for-profit businesses even though you are not paid
  • Donations – like donating clothes or canned food is not enough, unless you put in hours to organize a drive
  • School performances such as band, chorus, orchestra, plays, etc.


Why should I join Crosby Scholars in middle school?

It is never too early to start evaluating your interest in college and making plans for how you'll get there.  By joining Crosby Scholars in middle school, you'll be ahead of the game and be more on track to making smart high school choices that will help you later on with going to college. Also, middle school can be an overwhelming experience due to not only having more homework and harder classes, but also because you're going through so many physical, mental, and social changes.  Crosby Scholars recognizes all of these changes and we've developed programs and activities to help you tackle middle school like a pro in addition to helping you start early on understanding college enrollment.


Why should I join Crosby Scholars in high school?

If you didn't have the chance to join Crosby Scholars in middle school, then don't worry - you can still join up to the 10th grade!  As a high school Crosby Scholar, you'll receive assistance with making your final years in secondary education as worthwhile as possible in order to reach your goal of attending college.  Crosby Scholars has programs and activities designed to help you with such things as narrowing down your college choices, understanding the complexities of college admissions processes, preparing you for taking the SAT and/or ACT, and helping you with understanding and finding financial aid and scholarship options.  High school is the time to set and really work toward your higher education goals. Crosby Scholars will be here to help you with every step along the way of achieving college admission.


When should I apply?

Click the “How to Apply” tab on our website to access the online application. Enrollment is open from August 15 through October 1 each school year.  As long as you successfully completed Program requirements in the previous year, you will be reenrolled automatically for the next year and do not have to reapply.


How much does it cost?

The Iredell County Crosby Scholars Program and its activities are entirely FREE!


What will happen if I do not fulfill a requirement?

If a student does not meet a requirement, he/she will receive a notice that he/she has been dismissed from the program and may not participate in program activities for the remainder of the school year. Students in grades 6-9 are encouraged to reapply to the program the following school year.


What are Grade Advisor Meetings?

Grade Advisor Meetings are monthly meetings (January – May) held for students in grades 9-10 at each high school. A Grade Advisor meets with a group of students from a specific grade level to discuss topics that are important for students to know in that particular grade. In January of each year, students in grades 9-11 are automatically assigned a Grade Advisor.

Meetings are held at the student’s school. While meetings are not mandatory, students are encouraged to attend. Students who are unable to attend should notify the Crosby Scholars office prior to the meeting. Grade Advisor Meetings are cancelled if school is cancelled due to inclement weather conditions.


When is Middle School Crosby Scholar Academy?

6th Grade Crosby Scholars Academies are held in the fall, and throughout the year into late winter/early spring.  7th/8th Grade Scholars Academies are offered in the summer and throughout the school year.  At academies, (which last approximately 2 hours), students participate in a grade level workshop sessions in groups of 25-30. 

Click here for current schedule


When is High School Crosby Scholar Academy? (Grades 9 – 11)

9th thru 11th Grade Crosby Scholars Academies will be held in the fall and winter.  The academies last approximately 2 hours and students have a choice of several workshop sessions to attend.

Click here for current schedule


Where will Middle School Crosby Scholar Academy be held?

Middle school academies are scheduled at Mitchell Community College in both Mooresville and Statesville, at the Goodwill WFD Center in Statesville (beside The Home Depot), and at the Unity Center in Statesville. This is done for convenience.  Scholars can attend an academy at any location, regardless of which school they attend.

Click here for current academy information


Where will High School Crosby Scholar Academy be held?

Locations will be offered in the northern and southern parts of the county.  This is done for transportation convenience, but students may opt to attend any location regardless of where they are enrolled in school.

Click here for current academy information.


How do I apply for a Last Dollar Grant?

All students who successfully complete the Crosby Scholars Program in the senior year with a 2.0 or better QPA are eligible to apply for a Crosby Scholar Last Dollar Grant. Students will receive an application at the senior gala or by mail. The application deadline is May 15, and the application requires an original signature. Students who complete the application and submit the supporting documents will be considered for a Last Dollar Grant.

July 16, 2018:  The 2018 Deadline has been extended.  Graduates, check your student portal under "College Funding" if you are interested in applying for this need-based money.


Is this for kids who don't want to attend a four-year college?

Yes!  Crosby Scholars strives to help students attend the program of their choice, whatever that is.  Many Crosby Scholars choose to attend community college programs or certificate programs to prepare for careers in professional trades or public service careers.  There are great career opportunities available that don't require a four year degree and we encourage students to explore all options to find the option that best fits their skills, interests, abilities, and career goals.


Is this for over-achieving kids?

Absolutely!  We want Crosby Scholars to benefit ALL public school students in Iredell County.  This program requires the student to strive for a 2.0 GPA, but many participants will have higher GPA's; however GPA is not a determing factor to join or stay in the program. 


Will my child be taking a spot that could belong to another student who needs it more?

No.  We will take as many students as apply!  The more the merrier!


Will this program be recognized on a college application?

If it is a NC school or university, YES!  Forsyth County has been graduating Crosby Scholars for more than 25 years.  NC schools think very highly of the program.


Can parents attend the academies?

Yes, parents are welcome to attend!  Many of the academies will offer sessions specifically for the parents.  The parent sessions will be focused on timelines and activities helpful for college preparation.


I missed attending an academy. Will there be a make-up academy?

All Crosby Scholars are required to attend at least ONE Crosby Scholars Academy for their grade level in order to fulfill their yearly requirements to participate in Crosby Scholars.  Scholars in the Senior Program are required to attend at least TWO Senior Academies.  If you missed an academy, please make all efforts to attend another academy that may still be available for your grade level.  We will likely have a make-up academy available (especially for inclement weather situations), but it will not be held until spring.  Please keep in mind that while we try to schedule academies that are as convenient as possible for everyone, we cannot offer multiple make-up academies for a limited number of individuals.  We have to be as cost-effective as possible when considering scheduling a make-up session.  

The Senior Program offers over 20 different opportunities to attend the required TWO academies, therefore we DO NOT currently offer make-up academies for the Senior Program.  (See Senior Academy Page for details)


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