College Fair / College Visit Requirement

Crosby Scholars have two options to meet this requirement. You may either attend 1 college fair OR visit 4 different college admissions sessions. You may do this anytime during your sophomore or junior years, or by October 31st of your senior year.

This is your opportunity to discover which college is right for YOU!

College Fair: Please take this form with you to the college fair. We ask that you meet with 4 college representatives and ask each representative to sign your form verifying your participation. You must submit this form by uploading it to your portal or by sending to the Crosby Scholars office by email, fax, or text. You are not required to stay for the entire fair. 

Upcoming College Fairs--Open to the Public:


College Visits: Please take this form with you to your college visits. If you choose to visit colleges, we ask that you visit 4 college campuses. Upon attending the admissions session, ask the admissions representative to sign your form verifying your attendance. After visiting the fourth school and collecting all signatures, submit this form to the Crosby Scholars office. (Alternately, you may submit a signed letter from each school, on college letterhead, detailing the date of your admissions visit.) Email your form to or upload the document to your Crosby student portal.

Spring is a busy time for college open houses and a great time to visit schools while campus life is in full swing. Don't forget to register on the school's website and bring your Crosby Scholars College Visit form!


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